It is often observed that sometimes a person realises that he or she is in the grasp of addiction and the person desperately wants to get out of this condition of addiction but due to some misconception and misinformation in our society, the addict is afraid to seek proper treatment for this disease of addiction. One of the prime reasons for that our society has very little information or sometimes false information concerning the topic of addiction. Realising one’s own addiction and doing something about it is a necessary and important step for any drug or alcohol addict. So, here we are going discuss some general questions and misconceptions about drug and alcohol addiction treatment that arises in almost everybody mind.

  • The very first question that strike in one’s mind is the affordability of the treatment program. For this question or dilemma, the straight answer would be big ‘YES’. There are many organizations and institutions from both private and government are running their treatment programs of drug and alcohol addiction all across the country at cost effective rates. You can also see this from a different perception, just compare the amount of money wasted in chasing addiction to cost of treatment. You will definitely find out that the latter is far more less. In addition, the chances of getting seriously sick and being prone to accidents are always more in the state of addiction. These both conditions can cost you serious money in no time.
  • Other thing that concerns the person who is seeking treatment for addiction is that they might think that spending time in rehab or de-addiction (nahsa mukti kendra) will hurt their status and professional life whether it’s a job or some business. In this matter the person has set his priorities straight. You have to plan wisely, if you can manage some time out from your professional life for getting out of this vicious trap of addiction then it will be a great decision for your future. By doing that you not only be free from addiction but at the same time you will find your performance getting better at your profession.
  • Moving forward, there is anther misinformation about life in rehab or de-addiction (nahsa mukti kendra) centres is same as life in jail. People think they will be trapped in a building and they will have nothing to do and will be surrounded by other gloomy and troubled people. Let me clarify this false information by telling, it is not true at all, yes there are restrictions in rehab and de-addiction (nahsa mukti kendra) centres because the craving of drugs and alcohol is very extreme and to getting over it requires adequate time. For the same reason you are kept in limits of the campus. Proper treatment requires a healthy daily routine to be followed by patient.
  • In addition to that people also think that treatment process will going to be boring, and will get depressed by surroundings. This is not correct, the main objective of making the patient follow daily routine properly is to keep his or her mind occupied with some activity so that patients mind will not wander here and there. The daily routine consists of many fun and entertainment activities like playing games, watching movies etc.
  • At last, one of the prime misconceptions that a patient feels that might get detached from their families or loved ones, but in reality, what happen is exactly opposite to that. By spending some time away from your family for your own well being you will realise that how far you went away from them in the state of addiction. You will realise that in spite of living under same roof you were not with them because your world is around drugs or alcohol and your life routine was all about getting high or drunk. When you will be away from addiction while seeking treatment, you will find yourself closer to your family or loved ones and you will be going to value them much more.

On concluding note if you have realised that you are in grip of addiction then you must not waste any more time, you should get yourself enrolled as soon as possible in treatment program. Addiction is a disease which gets worse with time. The longer you wait the chances of getting some serious damage to physical as well as mental health will grow. If you have any doubts or questions regarding treatment procedure, feel free to contact us.

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