If you ask anybody who is habitual of drinking regularly the reason for doing so the most people will answer that they drink to relax or to take the edge of their mind. These people think that by having alcohol their problems and worries will ease, which is a complete myth. In reality, it’s a con played by alcohol to your mind. The problem and worries will remain and to be blunt they will increase because of this habit. Speaking of present world of chaos and hecticness, everybody wants a peaceful life of comfort and means to achieve that people work day and night. It is known fact that worries are hazardous to health of any human but in any case, it is not a solution to consume liquor to get over any situation in life.

Let me tell you a story in brief, “Mr. Mukesh is about to leave his office and in meantime he gets a call to Boss’s office.” Mr. Mukesh knew that the Boss will hammer him with numerous questions and he have to explain him entire months picture, as it was the last date of closing of the month. He knew that his evening is going to be spoiled.

As Mr. Mukesh steps inside the Boss’s cabin, he faces firing of questions and blames for pending work etc. from all direction. After being miserably failed to explain himself or to convince his Boss to listen his reasons, Mr. Mukesh leaves the cabin feeling furious inside with increased blood pressure.

Now in this situation what will a normal person will do?

There are few options, reacting to the given situation. First one is he can leave the incident with Boss at elevator door of the office building. Second one, that he can take this incident with the Boss to his home accompanied with a bottle of whisky and heart full of anger or he can take this misery with himself to a bar or club where he can get drunk and get angrier.

Option first is the right way to deal with the situation but like many people Mr. Mukesh opt for second one. After getting loaded with whisky Mr. Mukesh bounces back to home in drunk state of mind. After reaching home he behaves in a dreadful way by cursing and insulting his wife and children because he is influenced by alcohol intake. He is not able to digest the humiliation by his Boss and he is taking out his furiousness at his family.

This behavior influences family in very bad manner. The wife and kids do not have a clue that why his husband and their father respectively is behaving like this. As a result, kids become terrified and wife becomes worried, the ambience of home gets ruined and kids are under state of depression.

This is not just story of Mukesh, this is a situation of four out of every ten household where a father works tirelessly for his family. Every human in this whole wide world makes mistakes, but because you are working for your family’s well-being doesn’t give you any right to blame your wife or kids for the mistakes committed by you. It is an act of cowardice and just shows your incapability to face hardships of life. This kind of actions and behavior represents a weak mentality which in return will throw families in the darkness of sorrow and sadness.

The people who seek solution of their problems of work life or any problem and worries are weak and coward who are afraid of struggles just like a caged animal in a zoo. Gradually, these types of people are enslaved by alcohol as their will power is demolished by alcohol intake and they become so dependent on alcohol that can’t bear any worries and sorrows without liquor consumption.

There are many famous celebrities from around the globe like Britney Spears to Fardeen Khan who once had spoiled their shining career due to addiction of drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, there are like Robert Downey Jr. to Sanjay Dutt who fought with this habit and bounced back topping the stardom. Addiction of alcohol or of drugs destroys our capacity of reasoning and thought process.

If a man is lost in the woods and surrounded by blood thirsty wolves everywhere. Closing his own eyes wont eliminate the danger he will definitely get hunted by the wolf pack. Only

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