Welcome to Nidaan Nasha Mukti Kendra bhopal. The best Rehabilitation Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra in bhopal. We are a government-approved Nasha Mukti Kendra bhopal for alcohol & drug addicts. Are you looking for the best rehabilitation center in bhopal for your loving ones at affordable fees/price in bhopal then contact us, we are located in bhopal. We have a high recovery rate for addicted patient treatment with all the latest technology and techniques. We have luxury amenities with the best psychiatrist availability at our Nasha Mukti Kendra bhopal. The best treatment to quit drugs and alcohol you will only get here in our deaddiction center. Our Rehabilitation Center is one of the best rehabs all over MP. A lot of people get benefited by Nidaan deaddiction center in bhopal and we are very happy to share with you the news that the idea to make the society addiction-free was successful by the faith you have on us. The deaddiction center bhopal and the deaddiction center in bhopal was a great boom in bhopal. After the deaddiction center in bhopal, we are opening centers all over India. Top Nasha Mukti Kendra bhopal, with the best facility. We provide the best treatment. We also provide the facility of Gym and open space and garden.Our Facility-A Dedicated & Caring Team of Professionals.

Nidaan Nasha Mukti kendra bhopal helps different types of patients or beneficiaries such as regular drug dependents, children, adolescents and youth affected by drug, working professionals addicted by drug and alcohol, etc. Best nasha mukti centre in Madhya pradesh. Nidaan Nasha Mukti kendra in bhopal Madhya Pradesh is a government approved nasha mukti Kendra for alcohol & drug addicts.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Nidaan Nasha Mukti kendra, the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Our efficient professional team is doing their job for a long time. So if you have trouble with your addiction and looking to stop it to regain a normal and healthy life then don’t waste your time, contact us and get back to your normal life.

Regular visiting Doctors & Consulting Psychiatrists

Well-Equipped AC Accommodations with fire safety.

Single, Double, Triple & Four room sharing.

Clean and equipped Modern Amenities

Recreational Activities

Indoor & Outdoor Games.


Well-stacked Library

Meditation Room

Satellite TV

Nutritive, Hygienic food & prescribed diet

Complete CCTV Surveillance.

24/7 Power backup.

24/7 well trained Medical Service & Security Staff.

Patient Home- Pickup Service.

We wanted to remove the myth existing in society, “an addict is always an addictive addict" He himself had set a precedent for the world that it is addictive. Based on this, he cultivated his treatment culture in more humane ways and based it on the person’s emotion and thinking pattern. He believed that this was not the only medicine that needed to be handled, but the behavior of the addict must also be modified.Being a top rated drug de-addiction and psychiatric hospital in bhopal, we provide the best possible treatment to addiction. A team of qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and paramedical staff are committed to the treatment of patients dealing with addiction(s) and mental health disorder(s). nasha mukti kendra bhopal Madhya Pradesh

Key Features of Our Rehabilitation Program:

Timely detection, including screening and intervention.

Comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment plan.

Contracting with patients using the carrot and stick approach (to reward good behavior and to punish bad behavior can improve treatment outcomes).

Social skills training: The basis for cognitive behavioral therapy.

Continuous care for patients.


Nasha Mukti Kendra Bhopal


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